This was a project for the client Site Address:

Outdoors Clothing

Here is a sample Outdoor Clothing website.

Pharmacy Website

This is a sample pharmacy website.

Kitchens Website

This is a sample website for kitchen suppliers or kitchen fitting companies.

Aphex Studio

This project was a logo design for a web/graphic design company.

Erne Wanderers FC Logo

This project involved using the clubs existing crest and to add an element of fun. This design was used for the club’s summer camps for kids project.   Below is the club’s crest to work from.

Advert Poster

This project was for a college assignment. Below is another version without the 3D text effect.

Webport Mobile

This was part of my final year project in college. The site allowed students to register for jobs on the site thus earning extra cash and building their portfolio’s during their college years.

Innisfree Wheelers

This was a redesign project done while I was at college.

Aphex Studio

This was my original portfolio website.  

Sinnotts Bar

This project was completed while I worked at Dmac Media. Site Address: Sinnotts Bar

Agri Direct

This project was completed while I worked at Dmac Media. Site Address: Agri Direct

Hairdresser Salon

This is a sample Hairdresser Salon website.